Complete this 10 minute warm up routine to prepare your entire body for a workout. Warm up your muscles and joints, increase your heart rate and burn body fat with these aerobic exercises.

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Pre Sprinting/Running/Workout Warm Up ||

Warming up before a workout helps to activate your central nervous system and to maximize your performance. The improvement in blood and oxygen circulation and the increase in body temperature helps to prepare the muscles for more strenuous activities.

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9 minute Full Body Warm Up, Perfect for an at home workout! via Lushious Lifts

Warm up your entire body at home with these dynamic warm up exercises. Raise your heart rate and prepare your body and joints for the workout to follow.

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Complete this 10 minute warm up routine to prepare your full body for a workout. Strengthen your heart and burn some calories with these aerobic exercises.

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Warm up your abs and lower back with this bodyweight at home core warm up routine. Get your heart pumping and prepare your core for a strengthening workout.…

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