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Tips for Working with Autistic Children

A new study suggests that an abnormal gut microflora may not only cause GI problems, but also behavioral symptoms associated in autism. Pinned by Found this of interest as I was searching for disability articles for my other site


When you think of someone studying Communication, you might think they want to be on T.V. or on the radio. While that may be true, the field of Communication is so broad that someone studying it could have a career goal of doing any number of things from being in public relations, to working with autistic children, and a lot of career choices in between.

The social and emotional benefits of working with horses are being recognized by growing numbers of therapists/coaches who work with autistic children, young people with behavioral problems, adults with depression or PTSD. Train to practice in equine and inter-species experiential learning and psychotherapy at #ROOTSInstitute:

LOGO FOR AN NGO - caring for & working with Autistic & Dyslexic children

See fast food worker's heartwarming gesture to customer