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How Reagan destroyed the Middle Class | Before Reagan, the very richest paid at least 74% of their income in taxes and CEOs took home just 30 times what their workers did. America's middle class was created. Reagan cut taxes on the richest down to 28%. He also gutted unions and now CEOs make 373 times more than workers. Now, the Middle Class is gone and there are 10 million "working poor."


April 10, 1930: Dolores Huerta is born. Dolores Huerta was born in Dawson, New Mexico.Huerta, inspired by her upbringing and her experience working as a teacher among impoverished students, became a community organizer and set out to “correct economic injustice”. She and Cesar Chavez founded a union called the National Farm Workers Association that would later merge with the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee to become the United Farm Workers of America, .


Dolores Huerta ~ "In the 1950's Dolores Huerta began teaching in a farm worker's community and saw the brutal poverty surrounding her students. In 1962 she co-founded with Ceasar Chavez the United Farm Workers Union. She organized the members and through non-violence tactics, mounted a successful boycott of California table grapes. During this time Huerta also became connected with the growing feminist movement. As an advocate for farm workers' rights, Huerta has been arrested twenty-two…


“Row of miners' homes in the Brookside Mine Company town of Brookside, Kentucky, near Middlesboro. The mine, owned by the Duke Power Company, was the scene of a protracted and sometimes violent strike between the mine and the United Mine Workers Union during 1974. The strike ended when a man was shot and killed on the picket line in Harlan County. The home of the Jerry Rainey family is in the foreground. They were threatened with eviction during the strike.” Jack Corn, June 1974.


There wasn't always an 8 hour workday. That was fought for by unions for American workers. Support union by buying union, visit


Trump is Against Working Americans!! Likes Cheap, Undocumented, Non Union Workers. $7.50 hour is the Limit!!!


Cesar Chavez - Activist, Union Leader, Labor Organizer. Dedicated his life to improving the treatment, pay and working conditions for farm laborers.