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Research suggests that the first 5 minutes a student spends in your classroom each morning will set the tone for the entire day of learning… If they come in and have a focused task, it is much easier for them to remain in that mindset of learning through the day.    When your students enter …


Whenever the sticky note loses it's sticky, you just quickly make a new one for whatever letter you need. I love it! Sooo...I made some templates on my trusty MAC and viola, new making words folders! I also color coded the sticky note letters, to help my firsties remember the beginning middle, ending sounds, and digraphs when we make words together!


Morning Work Folders!! I started something similar to this during my calendar time lessons during student teaching, BUT this teacher took it UP a LEVEL! So smart and creative!! No more worrying about if something is copied or not :)!!


Free - How to Story Starters FREEBIE Guided "how to" writing story starters! These are great for whole-group writing lessons or for independent work on writing folders! Visit my blog Little Minds at Work Follow me on Facebook


if we don't get cubbies for next year, something like this for sign papers would be a space saver. it could go on the closet doors or on the wall behind my desk.