Over 30 awesome hands-on word family activities!  Great for beginning readers!
Learning word families is a fast way to help children recognize a lot of new words quickly because they are groups of words that share the  same sound and spelli
FREE Word Family printable roofs with recording page
Dr. Seuss Activities - Word Families used a chart like this to teach my sons how to read.. honor students in high school now...
Flying into First Grade: NEW FREEBIE!!!!
Word Family Activities:  Read and Sort Word Family Words with plastic spoons & cups! How cute! Inexpensive & easy to make too.
Paint Chip Word Families can be a great visual activity for students.  This activity would take a considerable amount of time to get together and keep up.
Ingredients for successful differentiated word family instruction
Free CVC board games! Fun word family activities or literacy centers for kindergarten or first grade.
Could put these in page protectors and the kids draw on with dry erase markers looking for word families. We are learning this now!
Free CVCe Word Family Wall Cards: with the following endings: -ace, -age, -ake, -ale, -ame, -ane, -ape, -ase, -ate, -ave, -ice, -ide, -ife, -ike, -ile, -ime, -ine, -ipe, -ise, -ite, -obe, -ode, -oke, -ole, -ome, -one, -ope, -ose, -ote, -ube, -ude, -ule, -une - 3Dinosaurs.com
Word Family Activity using ping pong balls and nets!  Great for kinesthetic learners!
The Ultimate List of FREE Phonics Activities - listed by phonics skill level - This Reading Mama
Kids will have great time learning word families with this fun caterpillar activity! A hands-on literacy activity for spring!