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Voice-o-Meter Art Room Volume Control

Voice O Meter Template (Word Doc & PDF) Help manage the voice levels in your classroom! This is a fully editable download -Word Voice o Meter Template


Avid Cornell Notes Template Word Doc - Invitation Templates

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French Superlative of Nouns : writing/speaking activity

Column 1 lists a bunch of superlative-based questions. In column 2, students write their opinions. For column 3, students circulate around the room to ask classmates' opinions and write them in the spaces provided.Fully editable Word doc.

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D'Accord 2 Unit 6A : vocab handout and practice

Page 1 - a list of environmental vocabulary*I include vocab that is related to the 6A vocab but is not listed in the D'Accord book. Because this is a fully-editable Word doc, you can take out anything you don't want to teach.Page 2 - mini conversations to work with the Page 1 vocabulary

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French Comparative & Superlative of Nouns : introductory handout

This is a simple, 1-page handout that explains the comparative and superlative with nouns in French. It ends with a few practice sentences.Fully-editable Word doc.

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Class Dojo Party Meter

Use this as a visual for your students to see how close they are to their goal. This is an editable word doc, so you can edit the points range as well as the goal.

PDF to WORD: Convert PDF documents to fully editable Word documents. You simply go to the site, upload your pdf, select either .doc or .rtf,


Microsoft Access Database Tutorial

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D'Accord 2 Unit 5A : handout on telephone vocabulary

The first section lists some nouns and verbs that are common for the telephone. The second part goes over some common phrases with making and answering phone calls.Simple introduction to some vocab. Fully-editable Word doc.

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