What if I did this in the kitchen going into my laundry room?!!  it's all about sliding doors

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love this old barn door, adds lots of character to any project.great idea to use a barn sliding door system in place of building in a pocket door. I'd use this in our small master bathroom. Great space saver with some characture

33 Awesome Wooden Sliding Doors For Living Room

Not your ordinary barn door: "Salvaged marine wood from a 40 year old bait barge which was destroyed by a swell in the Pacific Ocean from the 2011 Tsunami that hit Japan


gorgeous sliding doors and wooden flooring in bedroom leading into ensuite. Love the idea of the entrance being same as wardrobe doors

Allkind Joinery external face slider Reference #Ds96

Timber Sliding Doors will create space to make the best use of your living, dining or office area.

*for pantry door and door to the laundry room Sliding Barn Door - Reclaimed Tobacco Barn Wood

Rustic cabin barn door - "A Boyhood Dream Comes True" with this Montana cabin - Cabin Life Magazine

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Tall wooden sliding door by Peter Ivens.

doors- Tall wooden sliding door by Peter Ivens. It would be nice to emphasize the height in the lower level and the stripe on the wall is a nice visual design element.