Rather than buying a pre-made wood fired cedar hot tub, we decided to make our own! It was simple, and we made a video series documenting how we did it.

Our DIY Wood Fired Cedar Hot Tub Video Series, Tips & Tricks

A multi-part video series on how to build your own wood-fired cedar hot tub for pennies compared to buying one retail!

Relax with friends and family in your backyard this winter by building your own wood-fired hot tub!

Who wouldn't want to soak in a relaxing hot tub right in their own backyard? Well, the cost of buying a commercial hot tub understandably puts a lot of people.

tinygogo: Doug and Erin's wood-fired hot tub.  Plus lots of other kinds mentioned.

How the water heating works on the DIY hottub. From: tinygogo: Doug and Erin's wood-fired hot tub

How to Build Your Own Wood-Fired Hot Tub

Wonder how much. Wood hot tub stoves -- Curated by: EcoCircuit Distributors

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