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Personalise your DIY projects with this fantastic wood burner tool! Do you enjoy designing your projects? Here's a way to make truly unique pieces. With 11 interchangeable tips, you're only limit is your imagination. What's really nice about this tool is that it has fully adjustable temperature control, allowing you to get your desired, detailed outcome. Want one? You can get it here


DIY Wood Burning: How To Tips & Project Patterns

Have you ever wanted to create your own stencils, but felt you cannot be trusted behind the sharp blade of a craft knife? ... Or it simply just makes you nervous? ... well, here is the answer to your stencil creativity ... Plaid's 2 - n - 1 Craft Tool!


Easiest Design Transfer Method You'll Ever Find


How to Make a DIY Journal Out of Wood

How to Make a Wooden Journal - I'm loving this project!! All you need is some wood, a jigsaw, and a power drill to drill the holes. I used a wood burner tool to carve my name on the front. When the pages are all full, open the rings and add fresh pages! Full tutorial on the blog! - Thrift Diving