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Black Prince Echeveria forms dark, nearly black rosettes. Salmon-red flowers in autumn and winter attract hummingbirds. Dramatic foliage adds wonderful contrast to succulent plantings and rock gardens. Well-suited to containers, both indoors and out. Evergreen. Zone 9-11

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If you’re growing purely for pleasure and want dahlias that look great in the landscape, then these guys are for you! Even if you don’t have a lot of space to devote to them, you can still enjoy these wonderful plants in pots or tucked into your existing garden, plus be able to pick from them and bring flowers in the house.

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Weird Flowers The world is full of weird and wonderful flowers that sometimes look so strange that we find it difficult to imagine them actually growing in the wild. Some of these are unbelievably odd.

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✧ @adorabliss ✧

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WONDERFUL FLOWERS SOCKS / Antipast This Japanese company is pure genius. I have never seen such beautiful clothing and accessories. These socks do not look like much, but are sheer with embroidered flowers on them. Amazing, really!

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Local Farmer "Giant Hibiscus Exotic Coral Flowers 100 Seeds" Mix Rare Colors

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So These Actually Exist: Flowers That Look Like Something Else

So These Actually Exist: Flowers That Look Like Something Else These are actually freaking me out a bit... and i kinda feel like they are a coded message to us ...

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