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Women's aztec salopettes

Ways to Wear Overalls with Style

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Blanket Scarf Oversized Black White Houndstooth Herringbone Zebra Cozy Man Woman Winter Accessory Fashion Big Scarves Gift Idea For Her

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Taurus (Earth) and Virgo (Earth) gives you solid ground. There would be a very natural vibe between these two signs, and the Virgo will complement the Taurus on any different levels. This is a great match for both Taurus, and Virgo. The only main issue that would arise in this match is that the Taurus may want to be alone at times to reenergire and to simply think. The Virgo may take this as a personal insult, but this can be easily solved. Overall, this is a very good match and both signs…


Africa | Overskirt. Kuba peoples. DR Congo | Early to mid 20th century | Raffia, dye | Kuba raffia textiles testify to the roles of men and women: women make the thread, men weave the cloth, women stitch the designs. This skirt uses an overall appliqué design, a technique that began from the need to patch prized cloth wrappers as they wore out and ultimately became an end in itself.


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A personal favourite from my Etsy shop