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Women's 70s Trends

Design Flashback: The Colors of the 70s

The colors of the seventies were pretty drab in comparison to those of the psychedelic sixties. The country was recovering from the turmoil of the Vietnam War, and the desire for peace and calm was reflected in the dark wood and warm earth tones of the period.


Women’s fashion in the mid-to-late 1970s was dominated by suits. Description from I searched for this on


In Photos: The Best of '70s Fashion

1970's Fashion Photos & Style Icons - 70's Trends & Fashion - Harper's Bazaar


Scanned! is a lifestyle trend whose origin stems from a highly tech ruled world where we feel increasingly scanned. In today’ s life we face a constant correlation of security and surveillance with the human body being scanned at an airport when we travel, while interacting on the internet or tracked by hidden street cameras. Via Eclectic Trends