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Winter tyres: 4x4 grip test video you got to watch this video. It just proves having the right winter tyres on your Kuga could mean the difference between getting home or being stuck in the snow. A 2WD Kuga beats a 4WD Kuga on the snow. Watch it for yourself. Just Click on the picture the link will open up the video.

The Importance of Winter Tires #winter #tires #guide #tips #info #advice #car #cars #safety #snow #drive #driving #salvagecars #auto #auction


Winter Tyres v Summer Tyres: the Truth! - Auto Express - YouTube

This video by Michelin is yet another sample of the constant drive to making drivers aware of the benefits of fitting winter tyres versus summer tyres.#wintertyres


All-weather tires vs. winter tires — what's the difference?

Don't get stuck in the snow this winter. Tires with an S (for snow) on the sidewall don't need to pass any Transport Canada tests.


Winter Tyres have become a necessity in the Europe soon after Canada and Alaska started using them. But winter car tyres vary, in designs, specifications, uses, and it is hard to...

Continental winter tyres are becoming more and more popular as the drivers realise that they do need winter tyres to drive more safely in the winter weather#pellontyres