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Wind Lesson- Students put items in front of a fan to see if the air moved them, or if they fell to the ground.

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Weathering / Erosion experiment. Even though this is 4th grade, I would totally do this experiment in middle school.

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Cookie Erosion- this is an alternative to our "fake rain" experiment. It might actually teach weathering and erosion better. On Tuesday we could do the 1 minute tests, and Wednesday do the 5 minute tests. This would have more information for the math graphs lessons too!

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"After reading a few books on wind, we did a fun experiment. We used a fan to see what objects would move in the "wind" and what objects wouldn't. First, students made a prediction and then we tested our predictions. Students loved being scientists and followed along very well! Here is the table that I used for this. I did this activity with the whole class gathered around the fan. The kids used clip boards to write."

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A wonderful weather experiment for your mini-meteorologists! This is a one page document that features a table with items

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In this simple science station, students will make predictions and then test various objects to see if the wind will blow them. Students will writ...

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Seasonal wind prediction with Project Ukko

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