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1 site wind analysis An example of wind-rose diagram, with the change of colour intensity, the micro-scale of wind movement around the buildings are recorded. It registers the wind velocity and wind direction in different months, also humidity.


Wind + Swell Diagram - Zean Macfalane The diagram juxtapose parametrics of wind velocity, wind direction along side with the monthly variation, prevailing wind all in a single concise diagram


Stunning interactive map traces the course of the wind

Wind Map pulls in hourly data from the National Digital Forecast Database, tracing wind speed and direction in near real-time while providing nationwide maximum and average figures. The result is something remarkably similar to NASA's Perpetual Ocean video, only Wind Map is an interactive, zoomable, and constantly changing project.


1-km resolution wind direction map developed for a region in southern Texas, using RESPR atmospheric simulation technology. No site measurements were required to develop this map.

A COLORFUL fun step by step weather map building activity in which students combine their knowledge of geography and weather to build a comprehensive weather map complete with air masses, fronts, pressure systems, wind directions, and weather conditions.


This Compass Pendant would be a great component in Graduation Jewelry! They represent protection, luck, and guidance. Great for a graduate or someone taking on a new journey. The compass rose has appeared on charts and maps since the 1300's. The term "rose" comes from the figure's compass points resembling the petals of its blossom. The device is used to indicate the directions of the winds. Add more to your collection with other globe trotter charms or pendants. Cast and hand finished in…