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Will Uk Leave Eu

rather than letting them be singular; EU doesn't bring Peace, the EU does not bring prosperity, the EU and Euro area is on the verge of collapse, the sooner we LEAVE that bilious atmosphere the faster our recovery will be


'Our votes counted for NOTHING' Katie Hopkins RAGES over shock Brexit court ruling

Katie Hopkins has expressed her fury over the decision which will see Parliament decide on whether the UK should trigger Article 50 and begin the process of leaving the EU.


If the UK is willing to pay to stay in the Single Market, why leave the EU at all?

TechCrunch Disrupt London Brexit Sentiment Update: U.K. Policy Brexit is a bummer. Startups are beginningto leave London enticed by the lure of Berlin and other EU cities. Brexit imposes a certain risk of visa requirements for non-Brits Julian Baladurage co-founder of MBJ one of the firms headed to Berlin told the Financial Times.Our team is very international so we cant risk having to apply for 100 visas. TechCrunch will takle Brexit head on at Disrupt London (5-6 December) with thought…

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UK will vote to leave EU if reform is ‘cosmetic’, says Philip Hammond

UK will vote to leave EU if reform is ‘cosmetic’, says Philip Hammond Foreign secretary says real changes must be made over how membership works and the independence of sovreign nations to make their own decisions Philip Hammond on the Andrew Marr Show.

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Theresa May has said the UK will be "the most passionate, enthusiastic and convinced" supporter of free trade in the world after it leaves the EU.