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Ahaha I love Will Solace :)
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Will Solace I never thought of this before, and it sounds amazing.

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Will Solace is freaking awesome. Also, he's Nico's new boyfriend.<<< I like you... Wanna be fandom/ship buddies? Anybody else wanna join?

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2-I felt a hand touch my shoulder, I turned around to see Will. “Where are you going missy?" He asked me. “No where." I said. He lifted one eyebrow up at me, I hate it when he does that. “I was just going to go hang out with my friend while I'm here." “Your friend isn't a boy right?" He questioned me. “Maybe....Why do you care anyway?" I asked. “I don't care, as long as its not a boy." I rolled my eyes, “Can I go now?" I asked. “Fine." He said. I smiled, and started heading towards the…

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Will Solace This is one of the favorite lines from the book!!!! I love him I love him I love him!!!

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