"Now I really had wild animals to talk to as friends. They were different from domestic (rabbits). They were more sure of themselves, more independent, and far more clever."  --The Backyard Zoo by Daniel Mannix, now in eBook $6.99

© Milan presse, Wakou n° septembre Photos : © Andrew Parkinson/NaturePL.

Wild Rabbit by ~photographyflower on deviantART

Guard of the Left Ear Mark .Wild Rabbit by ~photographyflower on deviantART

'Baby English wild rabbit' by Mark the detail!

Baby English wild rabbit--wish we had wild rabbits here. In Northern Virginia, the Coyote have eaten all of the wild rabbits, stray cats, etc.

I love this wonderful photo (but can't trace it's original source). Spring rabbit in the garden.

Wow such a beautiful rabbit! I think there is truly a difference between a rabbit and a bunny! A rabbit is wild! A bunny is domestic !

Wild bunny rabbit makes friends with a deer in the woodland forest - animal photography / Bambi and Thumper

It's like a real life Disney cartoon! Adorable deer and bunny rabbit :)

Rabbit at Pegsdon Bedfordshire.

The little furry fiends are destroying my veg patch at the moment, but can't help love them