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Experienced hunters say that wild boar can be even more dangerous to hunt than a bear. Equipped with thick, razor-sharp tusks, and a razor-sharp mind (hogs are the 4th most intelligent animal in the world) a wild boar can weigh a staggering 660 lbs and exhibit extremely aggressive and unpredictable behaviour.

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Is This "1800-Pound" Wild Boar for Real?

Was There Really an 1800-Pound Wild Boar and Did This Hunter Really Kill It?: Giant Wild Boar - Image #1


If the Wild Boar is your spirit animal then it means that you can tackle anything that life throws at you. You are also creative enough to make the most of any limiting situation. You are stubborn, but in a good way, not allowing other people to take advantage of you or abuse you. If you are still looking for your Enneagram type, try type 6. .tru

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Where to Shoot a Wild Boar Hog, and How Much Gun to Use

Wild Boar Hog Kill Zone - Where to Shoot a Wild Boar Hog: Wild hog anatomy, where to shoot a hog to get his vitals. You can see that the hog doesn't have the same lung shape that a deer has.


Wild boars don't inspire me...until I run into one on the trail! Then I run as fast as lightning and beat any time I had set for myself. Wild boar hunting in Hawaii.