This is one of my go to cake recipes that I have used for years in a food processor and adapted to the tmx. It is so quick and easy and more importantly, super moist and tasty!!! This can be frozen and thawed for an easy afternoon tea or for school lunchboxes.
Whole Orange Cake |  From Sunset magazine - we've made this twice now and it's super yummy.  Second time we omitted the icing and it was just fine.
Whole orange cake. This is one of the most flavour-filled cakes you can make. With no additives, it's secret is to use an entire orange, to give a moist, delicious cake.
Whole Orange Cake - Instructions for a thermomix but can also be made in a food processor (takes a little longer but results are the same, plus I still have $2000 in my pocket. Win.)
Three whole tangerines go into making this glorious cake!
This vegan gluten-free chocolate orange cake recipe is so rich, moist and decadent without containing any refined sugar, animal products or wheat. Made with ground almonds for lots of moisture and sweetened with whole dates instead of processed sugars so it’s high in fibre and good fats as well as vitamins and minerals!
Orange Cake - with whole oranges. A family favourite. Should have 180gms of butter not 108gms
The Great British Bake Off: Mary Berry’s spiced whole orange cake
Gluten and Dairy free version of 30 Second Whole Orange Cake | Official Thermomix Forum & Recipe Community
Orange Brunch Cake - SUPER YUMMY because it's made with olive oil and whole oranges! topped with whipped cream and blueberries and you're in fancy brunch business. food photography, food styling, cake photography