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‘Who Owns the Future?’ by Jaron Lanier

Who is Jaron Lanier? He is a mega-wizard in futurist circles. He is the father of virtual reality in the gaudy, reputation-burnishing way that Michael Jackson was the king of pop.

On 15th Feb 1992, Michael Joe Jackson was crowned KING SANI King of Africa in the Republic of SANWI by King Nana Amon N'Djafolk IV, a King who ruled more than a million tribes in Cote D'Ivoire ...Michael signed official documents with dignitaries, thanked everyone in French & English, traditional ceremonies were held.

Maybe Percy taught Michael Jackson the "crotch-hold"? No, it was the bastard lovechild of Beethoven and Cleopatra who taught Jacko that. Duh. Who do you think?

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10 Most Curious Sideshow Performers of The Past

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Revealed: Michael Jackson had a tiny 28in waist that would shrink by an inch during strenuous dance routines

One of the military jackets designed by Michael Bush who was Michael Jackson's costume designer for 25 years