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There was nothing crazy about Michael Jackson. What was crazy was how disgusting minds tried to make him out to be a monster when he was the exact opposite. A kind, gentle, soul who cared for everyone.

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If there was an award for most entertaining wedding I think this amazing couple would bring it home. This was a nonstop night of awesome. Their entrance was accompanied by a violinist, who did a couple Michael Jackson covers. Later on that night, three break dancers pushed the energy through the…

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Michael ❤️ this how I like to remember him, he was full of life, full of a caring heart, always a smile of joy on his face, always trying to make the world a better place, he cared, he show it, Michael is thee very best entertainer of our time, and I miss him deeply. I still watch his youtube videos, Michael we love you so much.

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Among the legions of pop culture-related conspiracies out there are some truly bizarre ones, mentioning dead people who are actually alive, government mind control and celebrities putting hits out on each other. And these 20 theories in particular are so outlandish that they would even struggle to make a convincing narrative for a one-hour special on Syfy. 20. Michael Jackson’s famous falsetto came from an acne drug Michael Jackson was a magnet for conspiracy theories, plagued by…

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Silent march through downtown Chicago marks year of violence

Jackson said he was 'honored' to join Rev. Michael Pfleger who marched alongside the famed civil rights activist