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Tom Hiddleston is the only one who could play Loki so skillfully. Just look at this gif. The fury. The passion. The contempt. The tear. Whoooo!!

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Tom Hiddleston Interview

Tom Hiddleston......I didn't realize who he was until a friend reminded me he played Loki in Avengers.

"I've always thought of acting as playing chords and notes on the piano and every human being is born with 88 keys. Most people just play one set of chords, but when you play another character you're experimenting with your ability to play other notes on the piano... Loki is just my photonegative, he is diametrically opposite of everything of who I am." -Tom Hiddleston

Headcanon: Tony made a functional lightsaber once. It was confiscated by Fury who has since been proven to be really adept in its use. He answers only to Master Fury now

Well it doesn't have to be Tom...Just a gorgeous guy who has everything in common with me and that is my true love....but Tom would be good too.