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This kitchen...😍 . If you haven't stayed at @hillandfarm (sister to @hillandcabin) out in Cookeville, TN yet, do it!! [airbnb listing in their bio!!] I just want to hole up here for a week with sweet friends and make fruit pies and fancy French toast on that island. That is all I want. 😐💛✨ . P.S. Thank you so so much to everyone who popped in on the live video me and @bonniekatez did last night! You all were so kind and encouraging and we LOVED your questions! We're definitely gonna do…

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WHO in French:

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French Toast Roll-Ups

French Toast Roll-Ups - cream cheese, fruit, or whatever fillings you like rolled up in cinnamon sugar bread.

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French and English ice breakers for French class - back to school activities

Here are 4 ice breakers that I find useful for the first few days of school. All activities are available in French or English for the varying levels of students out there. #backtoschool #frenchlearning

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The Angouleme Emerald Tiara worn by Marie Antoinette and made by Evrard and Frederic Bapst for the French crown jewels in 1820. There are 1031 diamonds and 40 emeralds in the setting. When sold in 1887, an observer remarked that anyone who had not seen it 'does not know what an emerald is, the green stones alternate with the brilliants in such a manner that there is an interplay of coloured light, the effect of which is magical.'

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The secret to building better sentences in French ?

A new article: How can you build a correct sentence in French? I also give you for FREE (and for only 5 days) my new ebook available only on Amazon. Check it the article You really have to share this article to your friends who want to learn French

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Using anchor charts that include images for students who have difficulty remembering the subtle differences in vocabulary is an effective strategy. The connection between the actual depiction of the vocabulary enables a visual learner to have a mental and physical connection in the French language classroom.

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Quirky courtyard in the French Quarter of New Orleans. This is a real nice one. There used to be a guy who kept rabbits in his, and let them all run loose amongst the plants.

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18 French Graphic Organizers Bundle for Reading, Writing & Organization (PART 1)

This file includes a variety of French graphic organizers (des organigrammes/organisateurs graphiques) for students to use to help them better organize their thoughts and ideas. This is ideal for students who struggle to write in paragraphs or who have writer's bloc. There is a total of 18 organizers in this package. These are great for students in French Core, Extended and Immersion. They can easily be adapted for different grade levels and are a great way for teachers to differentiate…

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