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Who Goes There? by John W. Campbell, book cover This was the original cover and title of what later became the book The Thing from Another World Cover illustration: Hannes Bok

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Easy Death By Chocolate Cake

I firmly believe that chocolate is always a good idea. And the same goes for chocolate cake. So it was only a matter of time before I shared a recipe for a Death by Chocolate Cake. But not just any death by chocolate cake, one that is e-a-s-y. Just one layer, with a simple buttercream and decorated by literally throwing chocolate all over the top. Who's with me? Are there any fellow chocoholics out there? If you need a cake that can come together fast but still look impressive or you…


#TheFlash 2x01 "The Man Who Saved Central City" And then he goes ahead and gets killed by zoom, there's that


Target: President-elect Donald Trump, Goal: Don’t defund NASA climate research. The next administration will reportedly cut all funding to NASA’s Earth science division, the portion of NASA responsible for climate science according to Bob Walker, an adviser to President-elect Donald Trump. If this funding cut goes forward, it will be a significant step backward for climate science.


Shark! Who Goes There? Heel

Shark! Who Goes There? Heel. As you step out of the limousine, gently placing these shark-adorned grey heels byIrregular Choice on the pavement, the night club queue erupts in excited hubbub over your arrival! #multi #modcloth