I've got like three different ones I switch between in confusion...not Multiple Personality Disorder though...

I don't want no one to squeeze me. they might take away my life. I just want someone to hold me. And rock me tonight. -Tracy Chapman Give me one reason

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I express myself better in writing than out loud; its too bad that when I was young I wasnt allowed to hav a journal becuase my parents have no privacy or respect. I believe thats Y I hav trouble expressing my feelings.



if only we could see each other as Christ sees us-we would treat each other so differently.

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I expect a lot more from myself than I lead on I don't want people to think that I care to much I don't care at all I just want to be everything I've always looked up to

and that's who I am.

I don't why worry so much. I guess I care too much. I worry about everybody. I have my enemies, though I don't know what I did. I worry about them too, but not as much as my family, and friends.

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I have a travel list a mile long! I want to go to so many places.

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I like making people smile and laugh. It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside when I make someone I love laugh or smile.

My past is a mess too. I've done lots of things that I am not proud of. So I won't judge, and I can't stand big mouths. ksm

Yes. You can trust me with anything. Because I know what it's like to want to express Your feelings or share a secret with someone, but not know if they're trustworthy.

Yea. And I mean I'm Christian and stuff so I know I'm good in that way. But I need to be better in everything other then that.  How I am to other people.

and that's who i am

I'm trying to be a better person. A better person than I have ever known or come into contact with.

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I overthink - and that's who I am. I kinda do overthink a lot of thing's Driving

Bahahahaha OMG this totally made me think of me n u. Gotta love the sleepy times! bahahaha!

some of these are really random, who doesn't like sleeping? and this one should say "i love sleeping".

"I am a strong independent woman... who secretly desires to be taken care of"

Maybe just a few hours a weeks or so.lets not get crazy! Cook me dinner and wash my dishes and I'm a happy, happy girl 😘

Just one more chapter... oh, look, the end of the book. And why's my butt numb?

Seriously, as normal I am so behind the times. I just finished reading Divergent (in 2 days) and I am completely amazed. I usually can't get into a book but I believe that everyone wants to be a little bit tris-ish.

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And that is all I am. And all I want. I think this picture describe me a little too well

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Yep, I am a night owl! Not and I repeat, NOT a morning person