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Obama administration might allow seismic airgun blasts100,000 times louder than jet engine every 10 seconds for months to search for oil and gas in Atlantic ocean. US Department of the Interior est. 138,500 dolphins will be injured/killed. This will also scare away fish & pose risk to East Coast fisheries (200,000 jobs &~$12 billion in economic activity/year). PLEASE SIGN & SHARE

Recount the election!

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Sign the White House Petition to Prohibit Straight Men From Driving! In many public schools, there are dress codes that prohibit students from wearing tank-tops, tube tops, and shorts that are deemed "too short," as these could distract male students. If men can be this easily distracted by women's bodies, then this raises a variety of safety concerns... LOVE THIS.

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Jefferson is credited with several inventions, including the swivel chair, a pedometer, a machine to make fiber from hemp, a letter-copying machine, and the lazy susan.

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PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION - Black Lives Matter to be officially listed as Terrorist Organization White House Seal

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refinery29: Michelle Obama on the power of education and hope as the most important tools you can have in your arsenal to make a better world See 20 more reasons why well miss Michelle Obama like crazy. Gifs: FOLLOW REFINERY29

President Obama’s mic drop at the White House Correspondence Dinner via