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Make your wine list more palatable with a little extra know how. Learn more about the basic types of red and white wine here!

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All About Wine

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Do you know what type of wine you like? Unsure about a sweet to dry scale? Confused on why red and white wines are served in different glasses? Read on

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What do you think to this #wine guide? We'd love to read your comments! #WineThermometer

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Wine Sweetness Chart

A simple wine sweetness chart shows the sweetness levels for different types of red and white wines. You might be surprised to find out what level of sweetness you prefer.

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The Best Cheese Pairings For Your Favorite Type of Wine

An age-old practice, factors such as tannins, fat, acidity and texture all play a role in pairing wine and cheese. Here's how you pair wine and cheese.

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Savory or Fruity? Understanding Types of White Wine by Color

How does the color of a white wine indicate its flavor? From very pale wines such as Pinot Grigio and sauvignon blanc to rich and intensely colored varieties such as oaked Chardonnay, Sauternes and old Riesling, the wine’s color can tell you a lot about how it tastes before you even smell it!

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A Lovely Cream Sauce for Fish

#gravy #marinades #sauces This sauce is so tasty. Serve it over salmon and garnish with lemon slices and dill weed, like in the picture, or have it with your favorite...

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Sauvignon Blanc is Cabernet Sauvignon's mother, and a perfect match for the high acidity of goat cheese.

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The Right Wine in the Right Kind of Glass #infographic

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