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White Oak (Quercus alba) According to Tallamy, ‘oaks are the quintessential wildlife plants: no other genus supports more species of Lepidoptera, thus providing more types of bird food, than the mighty oak’.

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White oak. Notice the leaves and Acorns. Also their bark has a pale white in its coloration

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Oak (Quercus) Common types of Oak trees in North America include White Oak, Red Oak, Bur Oak, Pin Oak, and Black Oak. quercus_spp_leaves02.jpg 454×454 pixels

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Plant Spirit medicine -Oak is one of the most sacred trees, traditionally prized by the Celts and Druids. The oak fairy is very powerful, and imparts strength and endurance to any who stay within its aura. Each oak tree is a very metropolis of fairies, and each acorn has its own sprite. Bringing one into the house is a way to enhance contact with the fairy realm. Oak beams are often used to make doors, but the tree itself is a great portal to the other realms.

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"Let nothing stop you from growing." Giant White Oak. Photoshop. Stephen Zimic. His portfolio:

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Acorns & leaves....we have so many oak trees. This time of year the squirrels build their nests with oak leaves and small branches. In the autumn so many nuts fall from the trees the ground is covered in have to be careful for falling acorn bombs......:)

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Seaside Wedding in Orange County, California

Ceremony with Floral-Adorned Oak Tree | Photography: Braedon Photography. Read More:

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Swamp White Oak Tree

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I love favors that could last for a long time and an oak tree can last for hundreds of years. Plus, with our ozone layer in crisis, the earth will be grateful for all the help that it can get and we will benefitf from the extra oxygen too.

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