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Carry yourself with the confidence of a mediocre white man

Carry yourself with the confidence of a mediocre white man via fuldesign. Click on the image to see more!


Joy Behar: Trump’s win proves ‘men can get away with anything and women can get away with nothing’


"The white men did not care for each other...they would take everything from each other if they could...while crowds of people had nothing at all..." || It's... '2016' .&... Nothing has Changed !!! ........... ==>> WAKE UP AMERICA <<== .. Immigration... is Not the Issue .. .. Control // Ogliarchy // Wealth ..


This is such an important point. Since Trump's election, I have read so many comments to the tune of "this is all the fault of identity politics! White men just got so sick of being blamed for everything, and that's why we voted for a racist, sexist fraud!" Maybe if people talking about their problems upsets you, you should, I dunno, examine your own behaviour to see why.


J. Dixon photograph of White Man Runs Him, a Crow who was the chief of Custer's Seventh Cavalry Indian Scouts during the Battle of Little Big Horn. After reporting to Custer the position of the enemy camp, White Man Runs Him and the other scouts were ordered to the rear of the Army lines, which saved their lives.


In 1952, Ruby McCollum, the wealthiest African-American woman in Live Oak, murdered the town’s beloved doctor, a white man named Leroy Adams. She said it was the only way she knew to end six years of rape. The case would help show that a persistent form of bondage plagued the South for a century after the Civil War — “paramour rights,” the assumption that white men had a right to use African-American women for sex.


After the attacks on 9/11, many claimed it was the 1st instance of a terrorist assault from the air on American civilians. Such assertions are only true if one discounts the experiences of Blacks living in Tulsa in 1921. After a rumor spread that a young Black man raped a white woman, a mob of white men formed a lynching gang. The Black community stepped forward to defend the man & an armed confrontation ensued. Later 6 biplanes were dispatched, which dropped incendiary bombs on Black…