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LOL this isn't everyone who is white but some are like this

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lol anyone can be "ratchet"

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How Girls feel when they get their Starbucks / iFunny :)

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Once upon a dream.. you will have courage and be kind as for your tale will be as old as time

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"white girls be like " by conleighh ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring NIKE, Patagonia, UGG Australia and Kendra Scott

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super white girl problems.tumblr | Super White Girl Problems | We Heart It

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Like tru dat yo (when I am trying to hold in the explosion of the biggest fangirl in the world, the gangsta in me comes out but I can't suppress the basic white girl, which may be a problem)

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You already do. and it's a waste of time for me. boys should come with a warning label.

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The Life Of A White Raven Sucks

The Life Of A White Raven Sucks..yeah, who'd be a white Raven!!...but I feel sad for them(:

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*Inner white girl intensifies*

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