(Cause I need Him to find all the scattered dust particles of my obliterated heart...) Skillet - whispers in the dark with lyrics

No, you'll never be alone When the darkness comes You know I'm never far Hear my whispers in the dark (Incredible words, they're also song lyrics)

Lil Texture commission for of her OC and Antonio - Spain/Hetalia

Me So Many Times And Countless Nights Of Sadness And Heartache. Thank You To The Most Amazing Man, Boyfriend, And Bestfriend. I Love You Andrew!

Whispers In The Dark - Skillet!!! "-My love is just waiting to tun your tears to roses.-"

Whispers In The Dark - Skillet! "-My love is just waiting to tun your tears to…

Skillet - Whispers In The Dark (Official Video) - YouTube   One of my most favorite songs by Skillet

Skillet - Whispers in the Dark My absolute favorite song. I think my cause of death will be from listening to this song too much. John is freakin old school in this.♥ Kinda creepy video but great song:)

NEW Whispers In The Dark video!!! Pretty creative, I had to watch it four times to actual see what each one was doing lol

Mumford & Sons - Whispers In The Dark "Whispers in the dark, steal a kiss and you'll break your heart, pick up your clothes and curl your toes, learn your lesson, lead me home"

love this idea.... tattoo idea... maybe collie shape and flowers? design filling?? oooooo

Based on the tweflth Major Arcana card in the traditional Tarot deck - " The Hanged Man" (French: "Le Pendu") Whisperer (c) by

Scarf, baggy white tee, leggings, boots easy and cute

Scarf, baggy white tee, leggings, boots be cool to wear on the plane or just a cute casual outfit

I set out to serve the Lord. But my heart was colder when you’d gone I lost my head but found the one that I loved under the sun | Mumford and Sons - Whispers in the Dark

Band: Mumford & Sons Album: Babel Song: Whispers in the Dark