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Snoopy & Woodstock Happy Birthday. Beautiful #inspirational animated wallpaper Thank you for viewing!


Just where on Earth did this mashup come from?


Peanuts Plaques

You’re always a winner when you do your very best! THIS ONE IS FOR LEAH. MIGHT BE FUN TO ENLARGE AND STICK UP SOMEWHERE WHERE SHE DOES HER SCHOOL WORK. (encouragement)



THIS DAY IN ROCK HISTORY: January 7, 1970: Max Yasgur is sued for $35,000 for damages to neighbors' fences. He owns the farm where Woodstock was held. During the festival when he heard some were selling water he put up a large sign by his barn for free water. Mr Yasgur passed away in 1973.


The City of Woodstock, Illinois - Where the film Groundhog Day was filmed! (just an hour or so from Dan's parents' house) Has an annual Groundhg Days festival the week leading up to Feb 2nd.

Woodstock Festival posters (1969

Woodstock, NY 1969. The land where the festival was held, is near my aunt's former farm. I heard that after the festival, the community shunned the land owner who had rented the land to the Woodstock promotors. Biddy Craft


Lovely Bubble Chandelier from Pelle

My husband and I live in a 110 year old house and spend much of our free time renovating it. I love finding those special pieces for my own collection and I want to bring my love of vintage to you!