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Where Is Trinidad Located

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Humboldt Redwoods State Park

This is the area of northern California where the giant Redwoods are located, which is about 150 miles north of San Francisco (drive straight up Hwy. 101). If there is any place that you want to put on your "must see" list, I would say that this is it. Don't go to Muir Woods National Park and say "I've seen the Redwoods." You haven't seen "the Redwoods" until you've gone into the Avenue Of The Giants.

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I want to live here. I would just stare at my house every single day if I lived in one of them.

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Maracas Beach in Trinidad is a fantastic beach to relax on. Plus you can get a local treat, Bake n' Shark, right around the corner :-)

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Grand Central Park, New York City. Photo by Unknown

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Trinidad - Morley Church is located at a former mining camp, in operation from 1907 until 1956. The remains of the adobe walls of the St. Aloysius Church along with building foundations from Morley, the once-thriving mining camp, still can be seen today off I-25 north of Raton Pass.

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Top Things to Do in Trinidad Cuba

Trinidad's picture-perfect location, between mountains and Cuba's Caribbean coastline, offers an abundance of natural attractions for tourist.

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