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Praha | Prague (Praha)

5 ways to get off the beaten path while visiting Prague, one of the most crowded tourist centers in Europe | This Is My Happiness


48 Hours In Prague: Where to Stay, What To Do & Where To Eat

Only have 48 hours in Prague? Then this guide is for you: Where to Stay, What to Do and Where to Eat - Click for your guide to the Perfect Weekend in Prague! *********************************************************************** Prague Top Things To Do | Weekend in Prague | 48 hours in Prague | Prague Highlights | Prague Top 10 Things To Do | Where to Stay Prague | What to Eat Prague


Golem statue in Prague: The legend reached the city of Prague not earlier than the year 1730 where the famous Maharal of Prague was said to have created a golem in order to protect the Jews of Prague from pogroms. When the golem began to get out of hand, the Maharal took the divine name from his forehead and restored the golem to his dust which is now supposed to reside in an attic in the Altneuschul.


nähen and stoff

Prague, Czech Republic...forget the nasty urinal-smelling city that is Paris. Prague is where you really want to go. Beautiful, friendly, scenic, and not nearly as many tourists. Cheap food. of all...a waffle place right at the bottom of this little alley way (At least it was there last time I was there).


The famous Cafe Louvre of Prague, where the likes of Kafka and Einstein would dine. One of my favorite places in is great, atmosphere is great, and even has billiards tables in the back!


Anthony Dell'Ario, Charles Bridge in Prague - Prague is love. I'll definitely go back! :D Checkout for more travel tips and stories :)


Offbeat Prague: Top 10 Things To Do In Prague: We suggest skipping the waffles and picking a barely-pronounceable Trdelník from the vendors in the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. The Trdelník is a traditional pastry made from freshly-grilled dough covered with sugar and ground walnuts. Yum!


This is where the Infant of Prague resides. His robes are frequently changed and he gets dressed in many different, beautiful cloaks.