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Moonbow at Cumberland Falls Kentucky, one of only two places in the world where it is possible to view this phenomenon (The other being Victoria Falls in Nigeria, Africa)``


Africa | Woman's wrapper from the Nupe people of Nigeria | 20th century | Cotton; indigo || @Duncan Clarke usefully added "A very strange cloth that most probably is not Nupe and may be from one of the ethnic groups in northern Benin Republic where I have seen similar but less complex pieces. "


Africa | Yoruba bell. Nigeria | Early 20th century | Copper alloy | Most four-sided bells are associated with the Benin kingdom, where they are placed on ancestral altars and were once worn by the king's soldiers. The curved opening, sharply tapered sides and stylized face suggest that this bell is instead from the neighboring Yoruba peoples.


For Beneatha Nigeria is the heart of Africa. It is where her possible fiance, Asagai lives, and where she might live one day. It is also the African culture that she embraces in the play and wants to learn more about. Nigeria becomes a dream for her.


Yoruba Ashoké Cloth So happy I found out what this is called and where it is from, one of my favorite coveted items in my home


Polio is detrimental to the body, and there is no cure. However, there is a vaccination. Unfortunately, Polio is still active in: 3 endemic countries: Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan; Syria, where 10 cases have been confirmed in 2013, the first in 14 years; Somalia, where 66 cases have been reported in 2013, the country's first polio cases since 2007; and Somalia's neighbors, Kenya and Ethiopia. In total, more than 210 cases have been confirmed.


Plaque de palais XVII ème - Nigeria - BIni Edo - Bronze cire perdue

Plate palace - Nigeria - Edo Bini - Bronze lost wax ? "No matter which direction the wind, the sun will always be there and it should go ...?" ... African wisdom The Kingdom of Benin is known for its magnificent bronzes and ivory carvings. These works constitute one of the greatest treasures of mankind and are among the cornerstones of museums around the world . The palace of the Oba, where were royal shrines, was considered the center of the capital of the kingdom.


Parasitic plants. Rafflesia arnoldii open flower. Borneo, Sarawak, Malaysia West Kalimantan, Indonesia Benkulu, Sumatra, Indonesia. R. titan collected in 1821. See Meijer (1997) for discussion.