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There should be more of this every where. I LOVE HARRY FUCKING STYLES!!!!!!

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This is for all the people who r seeing the picture where they cropped his finger to.the middle IT'S NOT TRUE!! spread the word

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So first he does the thing where he sang into his hand now he spit out water win stead of a kiss... I'm scared for this child sometimes X'D

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1D One Direction - Harry Styles WWAT (Where We Are Stadium Tour) 2014 || Effortlessly stylish. He is Harry Styles

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ACCORDING TO TWITTER: Directioners everywhere are in denial about Harry's birthday and are screaming that he is sixteen and working in a bakery... Go on twitter and look up "He's 16"

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Mmph. Okay. Here we go. Settle in, people. Until these pics get overrun by newer, hotter (I doubt that is possible but I know somehow it will happen) pictures, prepare to suffer the wrath of Shirtless Harry Playing Volleyball. -H

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My brother would probably hit me with the door and then laugh, and I would start laughing because it would be funny

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