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Every year the delta lands in Northern Botswana are fed by floodwaters coming down from Angola. The slowly seeping water gives life to dormant plants and fills the rivers where hippos wallow and crocodiles lie in wait for antelope and zebra to drink along the banks.

“Tundavala Chasm Situated on the southern plain at a height of 2,225 meters with an impressive decline, this is one of the most spectacular sights of the Mumuilas with natural stone arenas and splendid belvedere from where the village of Bibala (ex. Vila Arriaga) can be seen. Huíla - ANGOLA”

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QUEEN NZINGA Queen Nzinga Mbande was a ruthless and powerful 17th century African ruler of the Ndongo and Matamba Kingdoms (modern-day Angola). Nzinga fearlessly and cleverly fought for the freedom and stature of her kingdoms against the Portuguese, who were colonizing the area at the time. By her own determination and refusal to give in to the Portuguese without a fight, she transformed her kingdom into a formidable commercial state on equal footing with the Portuguese colonies.

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Dusky Twinspot: this localised and beautiful finch is common at Mount Moco, which is probably the best place in the world to see this species (Tasso Leventis)

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I don't know where to pin this! Such a beautiful photo. I could stare at it forever.

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Crested Barbet. The extended twitter of treee treeetee teeeeetree announces the presence of this fruit eating visitor to the tree canopy of the savanna woodlands, riverine forests and now suburbia. Crested Barbet is not resident in sub tropical Durban, but every Jauary one passes through a Park near where I live and I delight in hearing him call for days before he pushes of on the rest his journey

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Part 2: 4 This picture represents a king which is what Angola gets its name from. When Portugal arrived in what is now Angola, they were situated in a part with several kingdoms, one of them being Kingdom Ndongo. The current king was King Ngola. This is where Angola gets its name from.

And if you thought Islamization of public schools is only a British problem, think again - 3 min video 4.20.14 Thanks to Saudi funding of American school textbooks with an overemphasis on Islamic history and culture, not to mention curricula that teach American students ‘how to be a Muslim,’ the U.S. is not far behind the U.K. in its Islamic infiltration of public schools.

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