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Where does pewdiepie live

2017 DIY FAKE NEWS LIVESTREAM LIVE SHOW! PewDiePie, FouseyTube & LeafyIs...

when a famous/popular Youtuber finally said it & being real honest,. now i'm starting to seriously respect him a lot for being *brave/bold* to say it as very real honest as it is,. because,. in this fake shallow superficial Society we're living in,. i know this is NOT an easy thing to do,. so BIG respect & kudos to him,. 👍👍 "PewDiePie - Forced Positivity on Youtube" : #PewDiePie

H3H3 Podcast #2 - PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg)

Markiplier / BirdyBoots / Jacksepticeye / Mark Edward Fischbach / Emma Louise Blackery / Sean William McLoughlin / Vloggery

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#thought Words of wisdom from the great Professor Pewds #qoutes

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That's me when the Comcast bills don't get paid. ...or if the internet is unavailable. :(((

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