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The 5 Tiniest Countries in the World

Here we have one of my absolute all time favourite places, San Marino in Italy, it is a state within itself with it's own laws and tax free haven, we vistited here when it was their Independence day and the Old solders of the city were in a parade, this is some where everyone should visit once in a life time, beautiful.


This is not a difficult concept people!!! Make the people with the most money pay the highest taxes. Making the working poor and middle class pay the highest taxes with money they don't even have only makes them even poorer and in worse shape than they were before.


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The next supermodel

Examples of a government run for people and not corporations exist. All western politicians claim to promote transparency and technology. The Nordics can do so with more justification than most. The performance of all schools and hospitals is measured. Governments are forced to operate in the harsh light of day: Sweden gives everyone access to official records. Politicians are vilified if they get off their bicycles and into official limousines. The home of Skype and Spotify is also a leader…


I don't doubt that there are people ready now, because it is being threatened again! Also remember the story of the Jews in the Ghetto making a stand against their oppressors the nazi's using only one gun. 27 days is a long time when you are facing your execution. Don't take any guns!!!