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When Is Bastille Day

great blog with lots of ideas and I LOVE the panoramic picture of the shoes ... would make a great hallway "family" picture :)

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Photo (observando)

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PTX forever. I can't even when listening to them. Their concert was literally the most fantastic thing ever to happen in my life.

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Love Your Look: How To Change The Way You Think About Your Body in the New Year

Body positivity is a tricky, curvy road that you barrel down one day & detour off of the next. Everyone has their own experience when it comes to loving their body, but sometimes we look in the mirror and can't help but scrunch up our noses. There's always something to zero in on. If only that dress lay a little smoother, if only those jeans could be a little's 7 body positive tips that will change the way you think about your body

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Day 1 : Well, this choice is impossible. So I went with the song that I've been playing the most recently. I absolutely adore the music in this song and Dan Smith's English accent being so apparent in the song basically makes me die. But the lyrics are stunningly beautiful and the music video is cool. Another thing is that my whole family loves this song. It's a constant request when we're all in a car together. So that's why I picked this song even if it might not be my favorite of…

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