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When in French by Lauren Collins

When in French by Lauren Collins | Amazing book I had to…


7 Non-Fiction Books to Read Right Now

When in French, by Lauren Collins | School is back in session! Thanks to the latest non-fiction releases, you can learn valuable life lessons (and self-love) from the likes of Amy Schumer and Glennon Doyle Melton, meet the team of brilliant female mathematicians who helped take man to the moon in Margot Lee Shetterly’s eagerly anticipated Hidden Figures, and take parenting notes from Marjorie Ingall as she proves Jewish mothers really do know what they’re doing.


"This was the first book my mother ever read to me. I used to tell her that when I grew up, I was going to be a strong, brave hero. Just like Gideon in the book. Maybe you could grow up to be like him someboday" - Belle French #OnceUponATime


French for Chocolate Lovers: Useful Words and Tips

Are you very much fond of Chocolates? Here is a list of chocolate related vocabulary to help you out when you’re in France. + download the list in PDF format for free. Get it here:


Need more French slang words and expressions? We compiled a second list to help French learners start speaking French more fluently when in France.


When in French

When In French by Lauren Collins.


When it's not even Christmas yet... And you're already like...


Tomber amoureux To fall in love /tɔ.beʁø/ #frenchwords You will soon fall in love with the first French Words products 100% made in France designed for people who are in love with the French language. To get notified when the boutique opens and get 10% off your first order click the link on our profile and sign up! Bisous!