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.I will be teaching all of my children how to play... and playing for their daddy when he's tired after a hard day of work.

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I like both tbh. like both of those are on my Christmas playlist

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Character inspiration #writing #nanowrimo could be Autumn when she was younger. Ohhhh.....idea to connect her to another character!

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DIY up cycled furniture as kids play kitchen! Cheaper, more fun, and SO much cuter than the plastic ones you buy at a store!

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Best Mom Ever Creates World's Cutest Playhouse For Her Daughter

When Chelsi Allen of May Me and Mom spotted a playset her mother's neighbor was selling, she instantly saw its potential. Along with her dad's help, the blogger transformed a shabby, two-floor play set into an inviting country playhouse for her daughter, Maylee.

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Abovitz, 31, who is self-taught, started playing drums when she was 20, after her friends pooled together to buy her a drum kit.

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When Buddy turned one he also very quickly became mobile and interested in everything. Suddenly he was able to self propel himself towards the objects of his desire and he was no longer satisfied w...

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75 TV Free Activities For Toddlers

75 TV Free Activities for Toddlers. There are lots of ideas, for when you need some activity inspiration when at home with young children. #parenting

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13 Studious Celebs Caught Reading

We can easily forgive him for playing Edward in Twilight when we read this and remember that he's actually Cedric! << I just realized this is from Remember Me (the pic) and that just made it a whole lot better. Love that movie!

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I got a ukulele! I will learn how to play! I won't just let it sit in my room and gather dust, and when people ask "Do you play the ukulele?" I can say yes, and jam out and then they'll think I'm more awesome than I already am. It'll happen just like that.

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01/15/2017 **PUPPY RETURNED** Super Urgent Manhattan NYC ADOPT STYX - #A1094287 SPAYED FEMALE WHITE/BLACK POINTED MIX, ONLY 10 months old, Intake 01/12/17, past Due Out date 01/13/17 - TENSE AND NERVOUS BUT ALLOWED HANDLING, timid at first then affectionate and loving, loves belly rubs and playing with a tennis ball, can you win the love and trust of a timid little girl and gain a best friend?

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