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When Are The Emmys

"Loloi takes pride in producing unique, designed-in-America products that are made with a variety of old-world techniques. This was important to me, because the right rug can become the centerpiece of a room when it is paired with the right space." - @joannagaines (Rug: Emmie Kay from the @magnolia line) #JoannaGainesxLoloi

It's crazy how well Lana plays both Regina and the Evil Queen. I forget they're played by the same actress. She varies their reaction and how they interact. She's playing two characters when most are playing only one. She just needs an Emmy already.

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Diego Dolcini stiletto sandal... i just love when shoes wrap around the ankle. so pretty.

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Kayaking in Paradise - Cape Tribulation and the Daintree Rainforest

Emmy DE * Alley in Skiathos island , Greece. Don't forget when traveling that electronic pickpockets are everywhere. Always stay protected with an Rfid Blocking travel wallet. for more information.

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Meet the extraordinary reluctant King of Calypso, Harry Belafonte. He’s been named by some as such because of the way he made Calypso music popular. His first album titled “Calypso” was number four on Billboard's "Top 100 Album". Harry is also the first Black to win an Emmy, with his first solo TV special Tonight with Belafonte. "You are really responsible for the world in which you live". Harry Belafonte

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10 Must-See Highlights of a Holiday in Israel

Emmy DE * The Dead Sea coastline. The Dead Sea borders Jordan, Palestine and Israel. Because of high salt content, it feels like you are floating even when swimming. Photo: Nickolay Vinokurov

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And when someone says the end of the Catching Fire movie was so confusing because they didn't read the books.... All logical reasons basically.

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i think the only reason people hold onto memories so tight is because memories are the only thing that don't change when everybody else does

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That moment when the only things you say are the same as your bestfriend

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