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Whelmed meaning

That is Metropolis. Only losers live there. <-laughing forever at this

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I kid you not, I gasped too with Rob and KF..... But I would have left with Roy because he would have done the same. Just saying..... Well...... Not unless batman was giving me the bat glare...... But still.....

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Love this picture

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Community Post: 15 "Harry Potter" Crossovers That Are Seriously Magical

Mean Witches. "Get in loser, we're going studying"

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I do really love her.....I mean who says THAT!

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I mean, can you imagine - Gotham without the Batman?

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It's a YJ thing -colour | Photographic Print

It's a Young Justice thing

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Robin and Red X

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Roy I mean bro in law I know that we do and as well did have our differences but thanks for being there as well and I would not want any one else to be my bro in law ☺️

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Artemis Colored Sketch

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Oh Robin...

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He always knows what Damian means

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See what I mean! I think they are brother and sister! ☺️

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Mantra Yoga + Health on

When setting out on a journey, do not seek advice from those who have never left home. - Rumi mystic

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Texts from Young Justice - does that really seem like an option? I mean really?

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When master Bruce asks for three, he means three.>>>that face at the end

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