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Victorian England 1830-1850. Wheel Wax Seal - usually purchased at county fairs. The 7 seals are Friendship {Clasped hands}, Such is life, Faithful, While I live I'll Crow, Love truth, Forever {2 Hearts}, Quick {Steam Engine}.


Clyde Burt Ceramic Bowl

For Sale on - Glazed ceramic bowl by Clyde Burt. Nice color contrast, an unusual palette for Burt. Please use the Contact Dealer button if you have any questions.

from Etsy

Pair of Extra Large Cloud Ceramic Mugs white coffee cup scallop design, giant wheel thrown coffee mug, stoneware ceramic speckled pottery

These cups would be cool to make. The paint job on it is very cool. The paint drips down on the side making it look unique. The texture is also very cool.


Sarah Walters Wash Away Porcelain - Thrown on the wheel, then decorated with cold wax when leather hard. Wash away the surrounding clay to create the relief decoration, and high fired. This technique creates very fine porcelain, that holds light and forms shadows on the surface of the pot.