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New research shows why people with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) are more logical in their decision-making compared to people who do not have the disorder. Think Mr. Spock on Star Trek. Scientists at King's College London discovered people with autism are not influenced by the so-called "Framing Effect" -- a way of thinking described by the nobel-prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman in the 1980s. The theory is that people make decisions based on the way choices are framed. Kahneman…


Tomato Spinach Chicken Spaghetti

Tomato Basil & Spinach Chicken Spaghetti – healthy, light, Mediterranean style dinner, packed with vegetables, protein and good oils.


Messy Nessy Chic. I love her blog, absolutely amazing posts about everything! From food and hotels to antique shops and miniature cars


#today Nervecast 50 #newshow #indierock #rock #interviews #radioshow #alternative #music #radio #nervecast #uk #joinus We are very pleased to announce a welcome addition and addiction to our Bombshell Radio lineup the nerve cast. We have a history with host Johnny summers who not only encouraged me to get back into broadcasting but also added Addictions and Other Vices to their roster on Reputation Radio in the UK. My experience there inspired and motivated me to create my own radio feed…

This is another video from Scholastic showing the children what life in the Pilgrim village was like. (Great segment for comparing and contrasting... fits well with "long ago and today.") The First Thanksgiving: Virtual Field Trips, Videos, and Slideshow

from Berry

Don’t worry, be happy (15 photos)

This is my bucket list but the only thing missing is go to London and go to Harry Potter World 10 times and by all the wands at Olivevanders


The Red Teapot is a well-known antique store on Portobello Road in West London....I've walked right by this place!


National Chocolate Week - a week we can DEFINITELY get behind! See what chocolatey delights we have in store on a cake stand today at Atrium Kitchen in Camden Market. #AtriumKitchen #Camden #CamdenMarket #CamdenTown #NW1 #London #NationalChocolateWeek #ChocolateWeek #Chocolate #ChocolateBrownie #Food #FoodPics #FoodBloggers #Foodie #Foodstagram #FoodPorn #Foodgasm #Eeeeeats #LondonEats Yummery - best recipes. Follow Us! #nationalchocolateweek

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#Uganda shilling and global market report - October 6 2016 #MoneySense #Invest #Stock The Uganda shilling closed at 3415 on the US dollar 4308 on the British pound 3806 on the Euro 33.71 on the Kenya shilling 51.20 on the Rupee 2583 on the Canadian dollar 2590 on the US dollar and 1.57 on the Tanzania shilling. The shilling crashed through its support on the US dollar which I had set at 3375 and 3340. The next support levels are now 3425 and 3450. Resitance is now firm at 3400 with the…