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What Weather Tomorrow

The series Broken Houses by Ofra Lapid, is based on photographs of abandoned structures neglected by man and destroyed by the weather. The photographs are found on the internet and used to create small scale models. Afterward the models are photographed again, omitted from their background and placed in gray.


A Spanish foldable project to write about and describe the seasons. Students illustrate and write about the seasons, including which month each season begins in, why they like or don't like each season, what they do and wear in each season and what the weather is like. It was a fun project!


A bit cloudy here..typical autumn weather. I am sitting on my armchair, drinking hot tea and relaxing. What you can see on the backround is my new print from @oliveetoriel and that's the main point of my tomorrow GIVEAWAY. Stay tuned it will be great!!! . . #interiorstyling #interior4all #interiorstyled #interiordesign #designinterior #hanne #finehjem #boligpluss #ingerliselille_inspo #scandinavianhomes #scandinaviandesign #scandinavianstyle #inspoformilla #dream_interiors #nordiskehjem…


I would use this at the end of my unit to see if students truly grasp what each season is and what weather is associated with each season. Each student receives a blank tree for each season and has to decorate and color it according to what season it is.


I HATE this question, because I want to do things & go places, but just getting out of bed is a struggle (always)! As for "tomorrow", I don't know what I'll be experiencing 5 mins. from now! Mostly, I urge my family to go & have fun without me...