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Copycat Popeye’s Spicy Fried Chicken

What's not to love about Popeye's Spicy Fried Chicken? Honestly, I am probably one of the biggest Popeye's Spicy Chickens fans out there to date. I adore the taste of that spicy, perfectly seasoned, crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside chicken so much that I had to do a copycat recipe for Popeye's Spicy Chicken to share with y'all today. Trust me if you enjoy Popeye's Spicy Chicken you are going to fall in love with this recipe for Copycat Popeye's Spicy Fried Chicken.

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2 Ingredient Car De-Icer Spray

2 Ingredient Homemade Car De-Icer Spray - 1/3 water to 2/3 rubbing alcohol (91)-in spray bottle

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Tallinn, Estonia | Two days in Tallinn, including what to do outside the Old Town!

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The Best Coconut Oil Cornbread. This Cornbread is gluten-free, ad a crispy outside and is incredibly moist. This has no flour, but isn't the least bit gritty. Check out what you do to the cornmeal to achieve this cornbread!

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What to do outside Barcelona! Get out of the crowded streets and enjoy nature, adventures and great wine! All you need to know to plan a different and perfect trip!

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Washington, DC Travel Tips - What To Do OUTSIDE the District

Washington, DC Travel Tips - Looking for washing to enjoy yourself outside the District? Check out this travel guide.

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Health benefits of Vitamin D What great reasons to forego housework and play outside!

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Fat vs Thin. Fat may be ugly on the outside, but what about what is doing on the inside? What if Your Body Could Talk? #pfitblog

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Washington, DC Travel Tips - What To Do OUTSIDE the District

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Butterfinger Bars

If I owned a large corporation I would have my employees play outside during the day. I always have the best ideas when I am 'meditating' in nature! As I was kayaking the other day I was thinking of what other recipes I could do with the ever popular Crispy Fat Bombs I have been making and I BAM! It came to me! BUTTERFINGER BARS! Yep, they really are as good as they sound!

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