Professional Soccer player Hope Solo contributes two things to America: looking hot and being a good athlete.

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Coming from a left-handed person this is so true and it makes me so sad to have this happen this way but this is the way people are treated if they are different.

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Are we over vaccinating our kids? The answer is overwhelmingly yes! Especially when you consider that 40 vaccinations are being given to children before they even reach 2 years old. Do you know that in England the number is 25 vaccinations by age 2. Why so many are being given here is all about profits for the pharmaceutical companies & keeping you coming into to see the doctor. It's not about keeping your child safe & well.

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*Again...We should not judge! He's judging us! We silly people jump to conclusions! JGH --Obama Warns "Not To Rush To Judgement" About "Motivations" And "Groups" | Conservative ByteConservative Byte

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What makes people gay? - YouTube

#and that's what you missed on glee ~~ Actually, if you want to understand current trends you really should check out "glee". They've been promoting LGBTQ rights, opposition to cuts in spending on the arts in public schools, and Jane Lynch's character ran for Congress as a Republican. It'll make you want to VOTE Blue, that's for sure.

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Stephen Fry's message is so true. People that are homosexual are not trying to make others homosexual. What they want is to be accepted, just like everyone else. However, most homophobes on the other hand are trying to place their negative and unfair beliefs on others to make them also homophobic. Which is demeaning and inconsiderate.

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BRUTAL 'RELIGION OF PEACE' VIDEO: We Will Conquer All Until You Believe In Allah Alone | Clash Daily

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