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vonnx: the word “gay” is so often used as an insult and straight people use it permanently and make this word sound bad and weak but just watch ONE queer person say something like “glad im not straight” and the heterolinis go “what exactly is so wrongn about being straigh?t why do you have to insult us? don’t make fun of ANYONES sexuality! WTF!”


My hero! Corbyn's misty eyed tribute to brutal dictator Fidel Castro who butchered 100,000

Fidel Castro and Jeremy Corbyn. JEREMY CORBYN was today branded a “disgrace” after he issued a jaw-dropping tribute to “heroic” dictator Fidel Castro, who butchered 100,000 of his own citizens and routinely persecuted gay and black people. (What a choice you Sad Libtards have to make. Labour or Liberal? What a choice. Make it easy on yourself and go live in mainland Europe, you should do well there. jp.)


DIGSSO - NO 1.GAY NETWORK Android App - , The Newer Gay Network App. Digsso.Meet guys all around the world and stretch your network. Make friends, be a social-network star, and find a perfect match for you!- You can see limitless lists of those popular, brand-new, and near you. - “Meat up”, our bulletin board for off-line gathering, is the easiest way to meet people and make friends. - You can find the one you want through searching nicknames or filtered searching.- We are…


The Remedy: Queer and Trans Voices on Health and Health Care

To remedy means to heal, to cure, to set right, to make reparations. The Remedy invites writers and readers to imagine what we need to create healthy, resilient, and thriving LGBTQ communities. This anthology is a diverse collection of real-life stories from queer and trans people on their own health-care experiences and challenges, from gay men living with HIV who remember the systemic resistance to their health-care needs, to a lesbian couple dealing with the experience of cancer, to young…

This week on Politically Re-Active, Kamau and Hari process the election results. Standup comedian Laurie Kilmartin and writer Roxane Gay join the guys to help make sense of a deeply painful moment in American history. From the costs to black and brown communities, to the culpability of the mainstream media, to what the future will actually look like following the end of Hillary’s historic run, there are many questions and few answers.

It is literally amazing what little kids can so easily get. When my mom explains why gay people couldn't get married and the way people treated them the little kids were just like, why? They could not accept the fact that anyone could not accept someone


Politics, Religion, Christianity, Homosexuality, LGBTQIA, Bigotry, Homophobia, Religious Freedom, Freedom of Religion, Freedom from Religion, Separation of Church and State, Religion Harms, Civil Rights, Equal Rights, Gay Rights, ecard. Don't worry sweetie, it's ok to discriminate and bully as long as you say that god told you to do it. Religious freedom is only for Christians who hate gays.


Dunno why it bothers some people to hear that Dumbledore is gay. I also don't think it was for publicity's sake. As an author of a very involved series I would imagine that you would get very attatched to characters and make up backstories for them.