Younique Product Ingredients is why you should choose these cosmetics. It only takes 26 seconds for the chemicals in your cosmetics to get into your bloodstream. Know what you're using and why.

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Why Younique? SO many reasons! Here are a few of my favorites! 1. We are naturally based, and we list the ingredients of EVERY product on our website. We are PROUD of what is in our makeup. Not many companies can say that! 2. Younique set up a foundation for abused women. How cool is that? 3. Younique's mission is to "uplift, empower, and validate women"... What?!! That's incredible! Where can you get this incredible makeup?!! RIGHT HERE! -->>

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Younique party closed! Thank you for your order cannot wait to see what the product looks like on you! Follow up picture all in one! Makeup one line direct sales. Flash sale closed

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Thank you for your order Link to order or join Posh: Contact me at:

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Want to boost your lash confidence? Get with thicker, fuller & more youthful looking lashes by using this lash primer. Click this pin now to discover exactly what it is and what it can do for YOU!

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It is the perfect time to get just the Scentsy product you can not live without. There is an open party going on right now! Go to my website:

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Water is a great way to make eyeliners with our Younique pigment's. But what is even better is the Rose Water...Why??? When you just use water it tends to dry and clump and fall on your cheek's...who want's that? Not this girl!!! The Rose Water makes them creamy and will not clump or fall on your cheek's! Not to mention it does wonders on mosquito bites : ) Try some today! You will not be disappointed!!

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This is a fellow Younique presenter named Jessica Smith. She has a condition called Periorficial Dermatitis. Younique's Touch Liquid Foundation has changed her life! When I say I want to help other women regain their confidence, this is what I am talking about! She is also wearing the Glisten Up Bundle for this month. Isn't she just Gorgeous?!?!

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